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About Proflex

Proflex is specialized in environmentally and animal friendly concrete constructions for pig and cattle husbandry, and for arable farming.

The team consists of people with long term experience in the agro business. We deducted from a variety of past experiences that the construction and installation of floors in animal barns doesn’t necessarily have to be different, bus especially better. The result of this: floor for animal houses, that increase animal welfare, environmental friendliness, ease of maintenance and optimal working comfort.

For cattle farming we developed the MeadowFloor and the MeadowFloor-CL with low ammonia emission. These floors reduce the ammonia emission and are very animal friendly and ease in maintenance.

For pig farmers we deliver acid-resistant slats. These slats are up to 300% more resistant to the acids from manure and food scraps.

Proflex, professional advise with a flexible attitude.


15 November 17

MeadowFloor for Family Brouwer in Oldeberkoop (NL)

The assembly team of Proflex recently mounted the MeadowFloor in the new barn of Family Brouwer in Oldeberkoop. Family Brouwer has chosen the MeadowFloor in combination with the MeadowFloor Renovation, so that the difficult areas around the milking barn, in which the slats could not be replaced, could be provided with the MeadowFloor Renovation. Next […]

13 November 17

MeadowFloor for Family Van den Akker in Nijeholtwolde (NL)

The assembly team of Proflex Betonproducten recently mounted the MeadowFloor at Family Van den Akker in Nijeholtwolde. Family Van den Akker has chosen the MeadowFloor cause of the good walking comfort and manure pass. We thank Family Van den Akker and wish them good luck.

Van Berkel 1
10 November 17

Sty-design for sow barn of Family Van Berkel in Wanroij (NL)

Proflex recently delivered the concrete sty design, equipped with stainless steel troughs and partitions for the troughs at Family Van Berkel in Wanroij for their sow barn. Everything is extra heavy and well made on the customer’s wishes. Family Van Berkel is very satisfied with the end result. We thank family Van Berkel for their […]

08 November 17

Sow slats for family Baltussen in Wanroij (NL)

Proflex recently delivered and assembled concrete sow slats at Family Baltussen in Wanroij. The sow slats of Proflex have a bar width of approx. 80 mm and a slot width of approx. 20 mm so it will lead to a maximum manure pass. We thank Family Baltussen for their trust in Proflex and wish them […]



RMV Gorinchem Fair 28, 29 and 30 November 2017

Proflex will of course also be present on the RMV Fair in Gorinchem. During this fair we will show you our MeadowFloor. This slatted floor has unique features concerning low ammonia emission, and improved animal friendliness. The floor distinguish itself in high animal welfare, low environmental impact, great work comfort, low maintenance and optimal manure […]

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