Additional terms and conditions

Between all concrete products there is storage wood. This storage wood will be delivered on deposit.

We ask you to contact us when we can collect the storage wood at your address and return it to the producer. Preferably pass this on by e-mail to

We will then ensure that the storage wood will be picked up within 10 working days. Charged, returned storage wood will be credited upon receipt.


Storage wood should be ready for transport in accordance with the following photo. If the storage wood cannot be loaded by the driver and he should come back at a later time, the extra fee will be charged.

Storage wood that cannot be returned, will be charged.


Costs storage wood:

  • Storage wood, 850x70x70 mm                 € 2,10
  • Storage wood, 1220x80x80 mm               € 3,00
  • Storage wood, 2200x80x80mm                € 4,50


If you will transport the concrete products yourself, there will also be charged deposit. You have to return the storage wood yourself to the producer in Weert or Heeze. After returning the storage wood it will be credited after receipt.

Stophout protocol