MeadowFloor CL

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The Proflex MeadowFloorCL is a solid floor with reduced ammonia emission, and improved animal friendliness, that distinguish in high animal welfare, low environmental impact, and low maintenance. The floor is composed of a basic floor made from composite, with a rubber floor fixated on top. The total floor thickness (composite and rubber) is 4   cm (!). The profiled rubber and the grooves in the floor facilitate fast separation of faeces and urine. The profiled rubber substantially benefits the animal locomotion and stability. Composite cubes support the natural wear of the claws.

The MeadowFloorCL is eminently suitable for cow barns without slurry pit, and for existing barns that are being renovated. The floor is composed of floor elements, for easy and fast construction of the floor. The interlocking system tightly connects the floor elements, to create a nearly seamless solid floor.

The MeadowFloorCL requires cleaning with a pulled manure scraper and is an ideal floor to provide freshly harvested manure for biogas production. This fresh harvesting of the manure optimizes the microbial process for anaerobic digestion. The MeadowFloorCL may be perfectly combined with the MeadowFloor slatted floor, e.g. for waiting areas in front of milking parlours. The rubber used for the MeadowFloorCL and the MeadowFloor slatted floor is certified by DLG (Germany).

Advantages of the MeadowFloor®CL

  • Suitable for both dairy cow barns with and without a slurry pit beneath the floor
  • Suitable for newly built barns and barns that are being renovated
  • Simple and fast building
  • Proflex can provide on-site assembly of the floor elements, on request
  • Low building costs when applied in barns without slurry pits
  • Flat floor composed of rubber and composite
  • Quick urine drainage benefits the dryness of the floor
  • Exceptional grip by the animals thanks to the unique profile
  • Rubber is certified by DLG

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