MeadowFloor Renovation

  • Can be mounted on nearly every common standard slat
  • Suitable for all slot widths
  • If desired, Proflex is able to enlarge the slot widts of your existing slats
  • During the assembly, the cows can stay in the barn
  • The same emission standard as the MeadowFloor (6.0 kg NH3 per cow per year)
  • If wanted Proflex can take care of the assembly

About this product

More and more cattle farmers choose their dairy cows to be stalled the year around. The claws of cows are not suitable for this. Where cows used to walk a great part of the year on a soft surface in the meadow, they are now constantly walking on a hard concrete surface. This causes problems to claws and legs. That’s why Proflex developed the MeadowFloor. At this floor cows are walking a lot of time on a softer rubber surface. For the cows it’s like walking in the meadow. That’s why we named it MeadowFloor.

In addition to this many farmers have to reduce the emission of the existing barns. This is the only way, according to the PAS-law, to allow them to expand their business. But on most businesses the slats are too good to be removed.

Especially for these existing barns, of which the slat floor is still good, Proflex has developed a renovation type of this MeadowFloor. The existing slat will be used as a base for these MeadowFloor renovation. In a sophisticated way prefab composite ridges and special rubber parts will be mounted on these slats. The total floor height increases 2 cm by assembling this MeadowFloor Renovation.

If you choose the MeadowFloor Renovation Proflex takes care of the complete assembly.

Ask for our possibilities to this unique animal friendly and emission-reducing floor for your barn with one of our experienced staff.