• Axle load: 4 tonnes (transverse driving direction)
  • Up to 300 cm length also available with 11,5 tonnes of axle load
  • Concrete quality: C45/55
  • Weight: 277 kg/m2
  • Slot width: ca. 40 mm
  • Rib width: ca. 135 mm
  • Hybrid floor: Bottom: concrete slats, Surface: combined rubber and composite
  • Emission factor: 6,0 kg NH 3 per cow per year (BWL2015.05.V1)
  • Optional: Possibility for renovation
Item number Meadowfloor L (cm) W (cm) Weight (kg)
340. Meadowfloor 200x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 200 87,5 485
340. Meadowfloor 220x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 220 87,5 533
340. Meadowfloor 230x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 230 87,5 557
340. Meadowfloor 240x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 240 87,5 582
340. Meadowfloor 250x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 250 87,5 606
340. Meadowfloor 260x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 260 87,5 630
340. Meadowfloor 275x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 275 87,5 686
340.300.87.20.4 Meadowfloor 300x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 300 87,5 748
340.325.87.20.4 Meadowfloor 325x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 325 87,5 810
340.350.87.20.4 Meadowfloor 350x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 350 87,5 873
340.375.87.20.4 Meadowfloor 375x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 375 87,5 935
340.400.87.20.4 Meadowfloor 400x87,5x20 (18+2) cm 400 87,5 998

About this product


The Proflex team has long-term experience in sales and development of slatted floors for dairy cow barns with reduced ammonia emission. This has lead to the conclusion that major improvements were required in the through fall of manure though the floor into the slurry pit. The MeadowFloor is the result of this.

The MeadowFloor produced by Proflex is a slatted floor with unique features concerning low ammonia emission, and improved animal friendliness, that distinguish in high animal welfare, low environmental impact, great work comfort, low maintenance, and optimal manure through fall. The slatted floor, composed on a concrete frame, combined with rubber, and composite ridges, substantially improves the animal locomotion, stability and cleanliness. Improved animal welfare has also a positive impact on milk production and lifetime of your cows.

The big advantage of the MeadowFloor is the rapid separation of faeces and urine, which reduce the ammonia emission substantially, consequently benefitting the environment. The MeadowFloor is included in the Dutch list with Best Available Techniques (‘RAV’ list), with the code: BWL2015-05.V1. Also in Belgium, the MeadowFloor is included in the list with Best Available Techniques (‘PAS’ list), with the code: PAS R-1.17 (41% reduction of ammonia emission).

At this moment, the MeadowFloor is in daily use on numerous dairy farms in the Netherlands. There are multiple places to visit and view. See our website for reference farms.

The MeadowFloor is also suitable for dairy cow barns that are being renovated, to transform existing concrete slats to low-emitting. This allows you as farmer to improve the environmental footprint of your farm by reducing the emission of ammonia, while contributing to increased animal welfare. To achieve this, rubber, composite, and valves are implemented on the existing slats.